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Acopia Networks

Acquired by F5 Networks in 2007, Acopia Networks is a best-of-breed provider of high-performance, intelligent file virtualization solutions. Solutions based on Acopia's FreedomFabric™ network operating system software help customers manage the growth, complexity, and cost of unstructured, globally distributed, file-based information.
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With an updated brand identity planned and new opportunities arising in the market, Acopia Networks required an online presence that reinforced brand-level messages and reflected the specific needs of its target customers. Acopia needed to develop a web presence as it came out of "stealth mode" and formally launched itself into the marketplace.

At the same time, Acopia required a new system for providing fast, easy and secure access to proprietary content, files, and links for qualified customers, prospects and system integration partners seeking to work with Acopia to deploy its revolutionary solutions.


Acopia leveraged Miller Systems’ industry expertise, and award-winning approach to build a new online presence that includes thoughtful information architecture and well-branded design elements.

As an emerging startup, Acopia’s content and document management needs for their customers and partners were relatively lightweight; an enterprise portal framework like Plumtree or SharePoint would have been be overkill.

dataDriver Secure Portal was a perfect springboard for a growing company like Acopia that needed to move in real-time to support these critical third parties with content and other digital assets. Using this powerful tool, Miller Systems delivered secure, affordable, third party access to proprietary content, files, and links.


Acopia's new web site did a great job of communicating its value proposition to their potential customers, employees, and investors. 

The secure extranet that was implemented allowed Acopia to quickly and easily distribute critical documentation and software/firmware updates to customers, partners, and prospects that were using or evaluating the products.

Miller Systems’ solution to the extranet, dataDriver Secure Portal, allowed Acopia to easily keep this critical content organized without requiring technical personnel to perform system administration or ACL management.

F5 made an important strategic move when they acquired Acopia. Acopia technology remains an important part of F5's line of carrier-grade application delivery solutions.