Miller Systems Introduces Web Presence For The SccIP™ Network, Internet-Based Modem Connection Service

Miller Systems Delivers Expertise in Information Architecture, Creative Branding and Innovative Design

Boston - May 06, 2002

Miller Systems, one of Boston’s premier design and technology consulting firms, today unveiled a new web presence for Dialout.Net, Inc.’s SccIP Network, an Internet-based network that carries serial data and fax connections between SccIP modems, modems on the telephone network, and locations on the Internet. Dialout.Net required a new standalone web presence for the SccIP Network and turned to Miller Systems for its industry-leading approach to information architecture and its award-winning design and branding capabilities.

SccIP (Serial Communications Convergence to IP) Services and SccIP software modems have been available since January 2001 to business customers looking for a more robust, scalable and reliable way to support mission critical business applications that rely on data/fax modem communications. As the new primary outlet for potential business customers and service providers to learn about the SccIP Service, Dialout.Net demanded a well-branded SccIP Network website that reflected the specific needs of each of its target audiences. Miller Systems’ expertise in the networking equipment market, its business- focused “beyond brochureware” approach to site architecture, and its creative abilities were of immediate and lasting benefit to Dialout.Net.

“Miller Systems’ domain expertise was invaluable to us during the entire website development process,” said Lauren Prior, VP of Marketing, Dialout.Net. “With principal level involvement and a deep understanding of our target market, design, business and budget requirements, Miller Systems was the ideal partner for helping us brand and market SccIP Services to new and existing customers.”

Leveraging its “beyond brochureware” approach to overall site design, Miller Systems customized content for the SccIP Network according to modem application requirements in order to speak more directly to each customers’ specific needs. In addition, Miller Systems’ design team applied its domain expertise to create the SccIP Network brand identity, including logos, icons and diagrams that accurately reflected the various SccIP Solutions.

“Our work with the SccIP Network exemplifies our ability to understand and assess the business requirements of our clients and their target audiences,” said Seth Miller, Founder, President and CEO of Miller Systems, Inc. “That understanding is reflected in everything we do, and is the basis for all branding, design and information architecture decisions. It is the reason why websites we build, including the SccIP Network, have the revenue- generating or cost-saving impact they do.”

About the SccIP Network
The SccIP Network is a new way to migrate existing modem-based applications to software modems that use the Internet for data transmission, without requiring any changes to the software application. Hardware modems are replaced by SccIP software modems running on any Windows PC. Using an available Internet connection and the SccIP Network, there is no longer a need for costly customer premise equipment (CPE), telephone lines and ongoing support resources. The communications experts and founders of Dialout.Net, Inc. have developed the SccIP Network. The service enables businesses to make more effective use of networking and telecommunications resources by moving to a low per-minute usage based model. The SccIP Network is currently available through Dialout.Net and its representatives, resellers and partners.

About Dialout.Net, Inc.
Dialout.Net is the premier service provider offering businesses the first Internet-based serial communications services that immediately replace data modems, fax modems, and associated telephone lines. Leveraging its SccIP (Serial Communications Convergence to Internet Protocol) Network for reliable, modem connections on-demand, Dialout.Net is changing the way businesses invest in dial-out modem communication solutions. Dialout.Net works with Fortune 500 enterprise customers and other high volume modem communication users, including Travelers Express Company and All Wireless Communications. More information about Dialout.Net services can be found at or by email at

About Miller Systems

Miller Systems provides a unique blend of design, development, and IT services that support clients’ strategic business objectives and deliver significant return on investment. The company’s holistic approach and integrated offerings allow the company to cross traditional boundaries and provide expertise and accountability during the entire lifecycle of interactive and IT consulting engagements. Founded in 1995, Miller Systems has delivered expert strategic counsel and efficient tactical solutions for such companies as Sycamore Networks, State Street Bank, IDG/Computerworld, Lotus Development Corporation, Progress Software, Brix Networks, The MacManus Group, and the Boston Society of Architects. For more information please call 617-266-4200.