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Miller Systems was founded in February of 1995.
To help mid-market and enterprise sized organizations select, design, develop, implement, integrate, and manage mission critical user experiences and their related technologies.
We will always focus first on human beings and the quality of their user experiences; our own personal and professional experiences have taught us that this is the path to success for all involved. We recognize that technology is at the heart of our business; as a result, we will always strive to balance the inevitable technical challenges we face with the human side of the equation, so that we consistently deliver the best quality results. We will achieve this balance by providing strategic, practical counsel to our clients based on a critical understanding of their perspective(s). We will invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure that their skills are always relevant and current. We will adapt and adjust when paradigm shifts in the market require it. We will continually forge and cultivate essential partnerships with outside experts when it makes good business sense to do so. Above all, we will be accountable in all of our relationships. We will always strive to deliver value and a strong return on investment to the clients that choose to work with us.
Miller Systems provides a balanced set of carefully crafted services that are designed to deliver high quality user experiences on best-in-class technologies. These services include:
Miller Systems is a mature, established consultancy with a broad mix of energy and talent. The following individuals are key leaders at Miller Systems (click for a detailed bio for each individual):
Awards & Recognition
Miller Systems has an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding results for its clients. Our clients know it, our peers know it, and industry leaders know it too. Miller Systems has received industry recognition for its corporate achievements, client projects and product advances. Click here to see the accolades.